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CAPSURE: The revolutionary handheld color-matching tool that provides a powerful, versatile way to find an exact match for any sample. CAPSURE accurately measures the color on smooth, textured, patterned or any inspiration object, and matches against any selected fan decks.

PORTABLE, CONVENIENT. CAPSURE goes wherever you need to go. It is lightweight and powered with a USB rechargeable battery. It stores up to 100 measurements and features a built-in microphone so you can create a verbal record for each color.
INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE. Find the precise color you are looking for. Choose your color from the extensive sample base. Browse the loaded fan decks for color details. Review recommended color schemes or navigate to find your own ideal color.
ADAPTABLE, EXPANDABLE. Keep your CAPSURE up to date with all the latest color collections. On-board software allows you to easily synchronize and add new collections.
ENHANCED CREATIVITY. Recall saved colors, create your own palettes and merge your choices with popular design applications.*


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