The 2k x 2k Veleta fits perfectly into the product line of sophisticated, side-mounted TEM cameras, reflecting current requirements in Life and Medical Sciences, as well as in Materials Sciences.

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The very versatile VELETA (Model S04F) is a lens optically coupled camera for the side-entry port of almost any TEM, covering with its 4 megapixel CCD sensor an extremely wide range of applications. Having the strengths of speed and sensitivity as well as a high pixel resolution and a large field of view it provides the perfect balance of the main requirements of a modern TEM camera system for both Life and Materials Sciences at a very good price-performance ratio.

The large 27 x 27 mm² active area of the scintillator results in a field of view comparable to the size of a photo plate and makes the Veleta the perfect camera for pathology applications where fast overview images with high quality are needed. The CCD sensor’s smart architecture guarantees high anti-blooming, making it perfectly suitable for acquiring clearly distinguishable diffraction patterns.

As with all EMSIS side entry TEM cameras, the VELETA exhibits the patented single-flange design for the wide-angle port of almost any TEM. Being mounted on either port, it can be freely combined with any other TEM equipment installed on the opposite side port.

The modern sensor ensures more than five frames per second in full resolution and above 19 frames per second using binning, achieved by single port read-out only, not having the risk of possible synchronization problems of multi-port readouts. This high frame rate is ideal for locating suitable sample segments directly on-screen.

No matter which imaging mode you select, our VELETA with its high versatility offers excellent dynamic range and high sensitivity resulting in always great images.

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