Reference Materials

Recognised as the most accurate and reliable reference materials globally

 Rocklabs Reference Materials, also known as laboratory standards, are pulversied rock with known gold content suitable for analysis by fire assay or aqua regia digest. They are low-cost aids used by laboratories and exploration companies for quality assurance and quality control management. Rocklabs broad range of Au-Ag and Pt-Pd-Au Reference Materials are available in 30, 50 and 100 gram sachets or 2.5 kg jars.

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  • Industry standard Rocklabs Reference Materials are recognised as being the most accurate and reliable reference materials globally.
  • Tested and Certified Rocklabs Reference Material has been rigorously tested and analysed by a large number of quality laboratories. A certificate, which includes details of the production and characterisation of the Reference Material, is issued with each consignment of sachets or jars sold.
  • Advice and Support Rocklabs has a team of chemists, geologists and a statistician to advise on the use of Rocklabs Reference Materials and the analysis of analytical results.


Laboratories use Reference Materials as part of their normal quality control process. Sachets are supplied with a ‘Labcheck’ label when used by laboratories as part of their own quality monitoring program. Exploration and mine geologists can submit one sachet with each batch of samples they send to the laboratory for gold analysis, or one sachet with every 50 samples (for large batches). The sachets are robust and sealed and can be ‘thrown in’ with other samples. Sachets are supplied with a ‘Geocheck’ label when used by geologists submitting samples to a laboratory.

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Since 1975 ROCKLABS has been a global innovator in the sample preparation equipment field. They combine New Zealand ingenuity and technical excellence to successfully compete on the world stage. ROCKLABS became a part of SCOTT® in 2008, and has leveraged their engineering expertise, to extend our core range of products and automated systems. ROCKLABS products now play a central part in the success of leading organisations in the fields of metals and minerals research, mining and exploration around the world. This is a testament to our ability to understand our global markets and consistently meet customer demands and expectations. Their early achievements in the mining and exploration industries created a platform for development of equipment designed specifically for commercial and mine site laboratory environments. Whilst still being world leaders in supplying clients in these sectors, they have continued to enhance their core products and adapt them for virtually any endeavour requiring world-leading sample preparation equipment.


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