Oxy 7 with polarographic sensor C7 cable 3 mt

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Oximeters portable digital microprocessor, automatic temperature compensation, the barometric pressure and manual salinity. Simultaneous display of Oxygen (%, ppm/mg / l), Temperature and the standard used for calibration. An icon indicating the "stability" of the measure, set on three levels (Low-Med-High).

Automatic calibration up to 2 points (0% -100% oxygen.) Automatic sensor bias timer. Auto-off. Protective rubber boot with bench support. self-diagnostic messages, 5-year warranty on the electronics. Waterproof IP57.
measuring range : ppm-mg / l O2 : 0.00 ... 19.99 / 20.0 ... 50.0;% saturation 0.0 ... 199.9 / 200 ... 400; barometric pressure : 0 ... 1100 mbar; ° C: 0.0 ... 60.0.
Complete polarographic oxygen sensor OXY C7 / 3MT with a built-in temperature sensor and cable 3m, 2 spare membranes, filling solution (30ml), standard zero oxygen, instructions for use and briefcase transportation.


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An Italian range of pHmeters, conductivity, multiparameter meters and thermometers. The range includes electrodes for laboratory and process applications, electrolytes and cleaning solutions. Some of the benchtop range includes a built-in stirrer. Excellent warranties are offered on the range. Unique pH buffer solutions, conductivity solutions and redox solutions.


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