Model-4 Semi-Continuous OC-EC Field Analyzer

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This rugged and compact instrument offers sensitive and reliable field operation with an optimized oven and detector design. Its access panel allows for easy filter service and calibration. New safety mechanisms and inline pressure regulators offer superior flow control.

This instrument is the only commercially available field deployable OC-EC analyzer with true laser-based pyrolysis correction and compatibility with accepted NIOSH 5040 and IMPROVE methods. It has a computer controlled flow system for enhanced sensitivity and fast analysis times. It also has a reduced need for support gasses. The Model-4 Semi-Continuous OC-EC Field Analyzer has been extensively tested at several EPA super-sites and demonstrated excellent sensitivity, compared with other co-located integrated filter sampling systems.

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Sunset Laboratory Inc.

Sunset Laboratory Inc. was founded in 1984 by Bob Cary, a pioneer in the field of organic carbon and elemental carbon (OC-EC) aerosol analysis. The sample sources Sunset Laboratory analyses by this method are collected in a variety of environments for multiple purposes. Sources range from ambient urban and rural areas to mining sites, work environments, national parklands, forest fire plumes, and sites of other unusual events. Samples are taken for environmental applications such as EPA monitoring programs for visibility and particle loading. They have become experts at analyzing workplace exposure assessments. Their instruments have become the premiere analytic equipment used for OC-EC on six continents and more than 40 countries, and are ready for use with the NIOSH method 5040, IMPROVE and EUSAAR 2 protocols. Highly configurable operating parameters also allow for custom designed analysis.


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