The TEM Imaging Platform

The TEM imaging platform iTEM is systematically oriented towards the requirements, needs and workflows of the transmission microscopy field. iTEM sets a standard since years with enticingly simple, yet intuitive user operation.

One of ITEM’s distinguishing features is how easily it can be expanded by highly sophisticated software extensions. These extensions – called Solutions – extend iTEM’s range of functions for solving specific transmission microscopy tasks and enhance the application possibilities of your system.

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iTEM Solution "Detection"

The iTEM Solution Detection is based on sophisticated multi-phase particle detection which registers and analyzes thousands of image objects within seconds.

iTEM Solution "Tomography"

Electron tomography is a more widely known and versatile method for obtaining TEM sample information from the third dimension. This iTEM Solution Tomography feature enables you to obtain the desired results with the greatest of accuracy and reliability – and minimal user intervention.

iTEM Solution "Diffraction"

Electron diffraction provides important information on the microstructure of crystalline materials. The iTEM Diffraction feature makes it possible to automatically index, evaluate, measure and analyze diffraction patterns of both single crystalline and polycrystalline samples.

iTEM Solution "EFTEM"

iTEM Solution EFTEM offers acquisition, processing and evaluation routines for all prevailing methods of in-column energy-filtered electron microscopy, applicable for both Image EELS and ESI methods.

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Welcome to the EMSIS GmbH All new electron microscopy imaging company with decades of experience Started 1st of June 2015 the EMSIS GmbH, located in Münster Germany, is the successor of the well-known Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions (OSIS) GmbH EMIC product group. EMSIS will continue with the entire scope of the EMIC business, from selling known and new EM imaging products to the support of existing products and installations worldwide. The offered product range includes the previous OSIS TEM camera models, imaging software for SEM and TEM, services and training. EMSIS members have many years of experience supporting remotely or locally the entire SIS and OSIS product range. All services needed from hotline support to hardware repairs including warranty claims will be provided.


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