CENTRIFUGE R-5S Complete of ROTOR and Metal Buckets

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Features R-5S

Complete rotor R-83A 12x15ml fixed angle and plastic tubes of 15ml
Knobs and bright digital display
Control load imbalance with audible and visual warning
Extremely compact construction
Chamber of painted metal and centrifugation easily accessible
Intuitive user interface reading
Automatic lid lock
Induction motor with no brushes with quiet operation, no maintenance and no carbon deposits to a healthy and safe working environment
Compact size to maximize space on the laboratory bench
Construction of quality materials for a long service life


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Giorgio Bormac

Since 1995 GIORGIO BORMAC Ltd. distributes on the whole Italian territory, through dealers, a wide range of scientific instruments, used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, research centers, universities and in wastewater treatment plants. Most of this equipment is manufactured according to ISO-2000 VISION regulations and bears the CE mark. An efficient technical service provides testing, maintenance of all instrumentation and applications support.


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