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Welch-Ilmvac is a global business dedicated to providing value-added Laboratory and Life Science products. As a business unit of Gardner Denver’s Thomas Division, Welch-Ilmvac offers a broad portfolio of environmentally responsible vacuum products and services into the R&D laboratory and light industrial markets. Formed in mid-2010, Welch-Ilmvac combines the technologies and resources of two vacuum industry leaders, US-based Welch Vacuum Technology and Ilmvac GmbH (Ilmenau, Germany). With manufacturing on two continents, global distribution, and an extensive service network, Welch-Ilmvac provides expert technical solutions and value-driven vacuum products for the global marketplace. Laboratory vacuum application requirements are the primary design drivers for Welch-Ilmvac products. Basic vacuum pump designs are enhanced using advanced engineering to provide top application value to Welch-Ilmvac Customers – the right pump for the right job. Basic vacuum pump designs include diaphragm, belt driven or direct-drive rotary vane, gear, WOB-L piston, linear (armature), and scroll models as well as application-specific systems.
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Diaphragm pumps & compressors

In dry running diaphragm pumps, a flexible diaphragm in the pump head is moved u...
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Vacuum Pump

For over 100 years, Welch has been supplying vacuum pumps to fulfill your labora...