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Since 1958 Scavini & Co. manufacture petroleum testing apparatus. A well trained staff of electrical and mechanical engineers permits us to continuously update our products to the state-of-the-art technology and to the new requests coming from the market.
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Cold Properties

Fully automated Cloud, pour, Freeze point and CFPP analysers 
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POUR POINT AUTOMATIC TESTER The apparatus consists of a benchtop case containin...
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CLOUD AND POUR POINT AUTOMATIC TESTER   Innovative, small size stand-alon...
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Flash Point Pensky martens Closed Cup

Automated Pensky Martens Closed cup flash point tester according to ASTM D93
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Bitumen & waxes

Automated Scavini softening point acc. to ASTM D36
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Lubricating Greases - Dropping Point

Automated Scavini Dropping point of lurbricating grease acc. to ASTM D566