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Koehler :

Koehler Instrument Company is more than a technical instrument manufacturer. We are committed to providing you with full support for your laboratory testing needs. Our extensive range of support services is brought to you by our staff of technically knowledgeable, trained specialists who are experienced in testing petroleum products and servicing instrumentation. We take care of you through the whole process... before and after your purchase from Koehler.
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Penetration Testing Equipment

Automated Penetrometer
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Four ball wear and EP
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Lubricating greases

Oxidation stability of lubricating greases by the oxygen bomb method  
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Lubricating oils

Demulsibility characteristics of lubricating oils
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Atmospheric Disillation

Automated distiller according to ASTM D86
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General Test Equipment

Heated Oil test centrifuge
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Existent Gum test apparatus
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Bitumen and waxes

Semi-Automatic Ductility Testing Machine designed explicitly for testing the duc...