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Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. promotes the portable Raman and/or luminescent spectrometry solutions for advanced substances control, quality inspection, real-time testing and innovative brand protection based on proprietary technology of substances detection, recognition and coding of information. The Company sells EnSpectr ® devices, accessories, specialized software and services for inspection of consumer goods, medical supplies, water and beverages, and also for conducting real-time medical tests, providing hyper-sensitive methods of substances detection, targeting a high penetration to mass consumer market with low-cost portable and mobile EnSpectr ® devices. We consider the advanced substances detection, quality inspection and brand protection for life sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and food supplements, spirit, jewelry as the applications of EnSpectr ® devices. EnSpectr ® solutions are uniquely positioned to operate on three different markets: Cost-effective scientific Raman and/or luminescent spectrometers. The price of EnSpectr ® device pack is much cheaper and at least 100 times more precise instrument than competitive portable solutions. Plus ability to use SERS substrates for hyper-sensitivity. Applied spectrometry for various industries. EnSpectr ® solutions allow input and output control of substances and mixtures, detection of impurities, performing quality assurance, embedded manufacturing line/conveyor control, mobile substances identity control, instant in-package testing, and many more. All applications do not assume having any special skills in spectrometry for a user. Brand protection using specific security Raman tags. We plan to implement the technology for special security tags or marks, which can protect brands and/or identity of various goods and other objects in extremely effective, low-cost and secure way. We are going to sell our EnSpectr ® devices and software for reading these Raman tags. We expect that reading of security tags can be easily done by the end consumer.

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