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DDS Calorimeter Systems are the most advanced automatic calorimeter systems available today. Digital Data Systems are the proud designers and manufacturers of the CAL2K and CAL3K Bomb Calorimeter Systems. DDS was established in 1972 by Klaus Ludwig. The original aim of establishing the company was to solve industrial and scientific problems using digital techniques. Originally, DDS specialized in sophisticated, data capturing equipment and scientific instruments. In designing, manufacturing and supplying products, DDS's company policy is to provide the customer with what he wants and for the best possible price. To achieve its policies, the company ensures that only trained and experienced staff are employed. The scientific department has teamed up with certain distributors who concentrate in the mining sector and other sectors who utilize scientific equipment in laboratories such as the CAL3K Next Generation Bomb Calorimeter.


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CAL3K-AP Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The CAL3K-AP is the first in the range of innovative new oxygen bomb calorimeter...
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CAL3K-U Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

CAL3K University Edition - Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter for Today's Analytical Needs....
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CAL3K-A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The CAL3K-A is the companion product to the CAL3K-AP, but with exter...
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CAL3K-F Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System

CAL3K-F    The CAL3K-F is the fourth in the range of innovativ...