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Analytical X-Ray - Small molecule Crystallography



The SuperNova from the Rigaku Oxford Diffraction division combines our hi-flux micro-focus sources with one of our patented fast, self-optimizing S2 CCD detectors. This combination of high intensity and fast, large active area CCD enables rapid data collection, with easy software-switching between molybdenum and copper wavelengths (from the inventors of dual source X-ray diffractometers). The SuperNova is compact and fully-integrated, and as a highly automated dual source system needs little servicing to maximize uptime and throughput; it is the ideal diffractometer for small molecule crystallography in research laboratories and leading analytical service facilities.


  • Increase in productivity - high performance sources and detectors give fast results of superior quality
  • Compact and self contained design will fit into smaller laboratories
  • Easy sample mounting by rotating the beamstop out of the way
  • Simple maintenance due to modular design of core components
  • Eco friendly with low power integrated X-ray and CCD cooling.
  • Minimal downtime - supported by online diagnostics and troubleshooting

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