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The top of the range manual polishing machines

MINITECH polishing machines are robust, powerful and reliable, incorporating the most advanced technologies for ease of use and simplified maintenance.

Thanks to the LCD touch screen which can be positioned on the left or right side of the polishing machine, it is very easy to set the parameters such as speed, rotation direction, water spray and time. 3 polishing programs can be stored in the memory of the touch screen. Parameters may also be changed during the polishing cycle. The pressure manually applied to the polishing platen can be displayed thanks to a force sensor. Multi-jet water spray with adjustable flow is continuously cooling the platen.

Equipped with removable bowl, MINITECH polishing machines are very easy to clean and their composite bodies and bowls do not rust.

Their new technology provides a constant rotation of the platen, whatever the force applied, giving the possibility to polish large sized samples.

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