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IX3-ICSI/IMSI Inverted Microscope ICSI/IMSI Platform

The IX73 system reinforces the strengths of the IX71 for Embryology while improving several fundamental features relating to ease of use and accuracy for ICSI and IMSI. Additionally, a new automated solution is available, providing single button touch control for the ICSI/ polarization/ IMSI workflow.

ICSI demands a high level of skill and careful manipulation of cells under a microscope. An important determining factor to the success of this procedure is the performance of the microscope and manipulator. By combining an Olympus IX73 inverted microscope system with micromanipulators, any user has an excellent tool for IVF that offers both superior optical performance and an ideal working environment.!cms[tab]=%2Fmicroscopes%2Finverted%2Fix3-icsi%2Fresources

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