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Analytical - Raman Spectroscopy

Inspector 500

The “500” class of Raman analyzers is equipped with higher wavelength Raman excitation (1030 nm laser) for the specialized case of testing samples that exhibit high fluorescence.   For example, samples consisting of complex molecules or samples with a number of impurities are excellent candidates for the Inspector 500 (1030 nm laser). While such samples may challenge the Inspector 300, the 500 allows for the specific Raman peaks to stand out in the spectrum. As with the rest of the SciAps Agent series of Raman analyzers, the Inspector 500 offers high stability, the same intuitive software and interface, fast processing speed, and seamless report generation and data management.

·         Meets IP 67 waterproof, dustproof standards

·         Meets MilSpec 810g

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