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CAL3K-A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

The CAL3K-A is the companion product to the CAL3K-AP, but with external oxygen filling. This instrument was designed for rough production environments where the automatic filling is not desired. This instrument has all features of the CAL3K-AP but avoids the potential trouble of leaking oxygen valves and fittings and the associated maintenance. It is slightly faster than the CAL3K-AP and shares the same look. It can be operated in the Dynamic (Isoperibol), Isothermal, Adiabatic and Experimental mode, but requires calibration in each mode.

The new instrument, from the engineers who designed the CAL2K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter range, features higher speeds and improved accuracy with a small carbon footprint (uses fewer resources; no water required, lower power consumption, and improved interfaces).



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