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18 Jan2017

Rigaku Publishes Method for EDXRF Analysis of Dolomite


Austin, TX— January 17, 2017. Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. today announced a new empirical method for the elemental analysis of oxide minerals in dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate).


Dolomite is typically used as an aggregate in concrete and asphalt for building roads. During mining and processing operations, dolomite composition must be monitored and controlled to ensure proper quality and desired characteristics for various applications.


The sample is ground into a homogeneous powder approximately 100-200 mesh and prepared as a hydraulically pressed pellet.


The performance shown in the report demonstrates that the NEX QC+ system provides excellent sensitivity and performance for the measurement of carbonates and major oxides in dolomite. Self-contained with simple touch screen operation, NEX QC+ is an ideal tool for at-line control and quality checks throughout the mining and processing of dolomite. 


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