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14 Mar2017

New Economical cell counter from Olympus

The new Olympus R1 Cell Counter is used in cell culturing and in the research field. By placing a droplet of cell sample on a special slide and inserting the slide into the machine, the Cell Counter model R1 can obtain not only a cell count but also other measurements such as cell size and the proportion of live and dead cells.

Various types of cells, including iPS and other stem cells, are grown in continuous cultures and harvested for use in a variety of research applications in regenerative medicine and drug development. Cells are grown in a culture vessel by the ongoing addition of a culture medium that provides nutrients. As cells are grown, cell counts are performed to determine whether sufficient concentration has been reached, and the culturing process is repeated by creating a subculture containing a viable concentration of cells with keeping same cell concentration. Use of the Cell Counter Model R1 enables these cell culturing steps to be performed efficiently and enhances the accuracy of experiments using the cultured cells.

The Main Features includes:

  1. Cell Counter model R1 supports efficient cell culturing by accurate cell counting close to that of visual counting
  2. Analysis results can be viewed and stored easily via the large touch screen and reporting function
  3. User-friendly design provides excellent portability and ease-of-operation