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15 Mar2017

Ecological and Economic Measurement of Oil-In-Water without Compromising Accuracy

The measurement of hydrocarbons in water is a routine task in basically every chemical complex that somehow discharges water into a municipal sewage system or into any type of surface water body. The routine analysis, in general, should be easy to carry out and cost-effective in terms of initial and running costs. If it comes to environmentally relevant parameters such as oil-in-water concentrations in discharge water, governmental bodies play another important role. They usually regulate the maximum concentrations that can be discharged and penalize offenders of these limits. Highly accurate and precise analyzers are needed to mitigate the risk of exceeding admissible values and getting fined. Classical InfraRed (IR) spectroscopy offers both, high accuracy and excellent repeatability. However, to take full advantage ecologically harmful solvents such as CFCs have to be used. 

With the combination of an environmentally friendly solvent, user-friendly cartridges, a sample extractor that overcomes phase separation issues and a sub-ppm limit of detection – and all of this for a highly competitive price – definitely make ERACHECK ECO the best solution for oil in water testing currently on the market.

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