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27 Aug2018

Cameca launches first electron probe micro analyser with touch-screen interface

CAMECA, a world leader in scientific instrumentation and metrology solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of SXFive-TACTIS, the newest addition to the CAMECA line of high-end microanalytical instruments, and the only Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) in the world with a touch-screen interface.

“We are very proud to introduce the SXFive-TACTIS EPMA, which represents the latest evolution in our SXFive product line,” comments Sanjay Kamtekar, CAMECA VP Global Marketing. “Developed for a wide range of micro- and nanoanalytical applications, the SXFive-TACTIS is the culmination of our more than 60 years of experience in EPMA technology.”

SXFive-TACTIS brings together all the best features of CAMECA’s earlier electron probe microanalyzers and innovates with a revolutionary dual interface.  It is designed to meet a growing demand from multiuser research facilities for instrumentation that combines highly sophisticated analytical options with extreme ease of use.

With SXFive-TACTIS, users can choose between two tool operation modes. In beginner mode, the instrument configuration and operation, as well as basic imaging and data processing, are made easy thanks to a new, intuitive, touch-screen interface that gives immediate access to a wealth of simplified options. In expert mode, the interface is designed for skilled users who can benefit from a full complement of different tool parameters and software options.

Among the other technological advances of the SXFive-TACTIS are an additional backscattered electron (BSE) detector for enhanced imaging especially at low voltage; a fully integrated energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) hyper-mapping module for ultrafast quantitative analysis; and the capability to acquire real-time wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS) and EDS X-ray images. The instrument can be fully remote controlled, allowing users to run experiments from their smart phones, tablets or any remote computer.

“We believe that SXFive-TACTIS will bring EPMA to the fingertips of the widest panel of users ever,” concludes Sanjay Kamtekar. “That includes students, postdocs and scientists in academia and engineers and R&D managers in industry. It will help accelerate discovery processes as well as new product development, and thus positively impact global economy and welfare.”

The new EPMA platform is available with a W, LaB6 or field-emission source. CAMECA has optimized the performance for challenging microanalytical applications at a sub-micron spatial resolution, extending EPMA capabilities to smaller analyzed volumes. Equipped with high-precision spectrometers for greatest reproducibility, the SXFive-TACTIS delivers the highest quality minor and trace element analysis, addressing the most-demanding analytical tasks in mineralogy, geochronology, ore discovery and nuclear science, as well as research in materials, metals, thin films and semiconductors.