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TESCAN is one of the global suppliers of scientific instruments. The company is building its reputation and brand name in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for different applications. The company is focused on research, development, and manufacturing of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment such as: Research & Development TESCAN strives to keep improving continuously their products, which creates a competitive advantage for its customers. The TESCAN brand is becoming established thanks to the company's participation in top research projects and cooperation with the leading companies in the field of electron microscopy and microanalysis. As a result, TESCAN's instrumentation and innovative solutions have won a leading position in the world of nano- and microtechnology. Manufacturing philosophy We recognize that the highest quality and reliability of our products is the foundation of our business. The advanced information system for resources and company processes optimization, the top level of our technology equipment and quality management system constitute the real preconditions for meeting customer expectations about quality, price, and delivery.


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XEIA3 model 2016 Extraordinary ultra-high resolution imaging and extreme microm...
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GAIA3 model 2016 GAIA3 model 2016 is the ideal platform for performing the mo...
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FERA3   The world’s first fully integrated Xe plasma source focus...
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LYRA3 LYRA3 is a dual beam system that combines a high-resolution FE-SEM column...
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Q-PHASE TESCAN proudly introduces the Q-PHASE, a multimodal holog...
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TIMA-X TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyser TIMA-X is an automated mineralogy sys...
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MAIA3 model 2016     The MAIA3 model 2016 is an ultra-high reso...
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MIRA3     MIRA3 is a high-performance SEM system which features...
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VEGA3   Introduced 16 years ago, VEGA was the first SEM system delivered ...
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Special Solutions

Special Solutions   TESCAN specializes in unique and tailored solut...
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Software   Our dedicated modular software is specially designed to make...
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Accessories TESCAN offers a wide range of optional accessories that extend the ...