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19 Oct2017
20 Oct2017

University of Limpopo 8th Annual postgraduate research day

The Faculty of Science and Agriculture (FSA) will be hosting its 8th annual post-graduate research day (PGRD). The FSA-PGRD aims at bringing together all the post-graduate students to showcase their research findings. It is anticipated that the event will help improve the quality of research and throughput rate in the faculty. Students at Masters and Doctoral levels are expected to partake and make contributions through Oral presentations. Honours students are invited to participate through Poster presentations. There will be prizes for the best presentations in the Hons, MSc and PhD categories per School. 

The Research Day’s main objective is to recognise, encourage and promote the culture of research within the Faculty. This is to improve the level and quality of research and publication output in the areas of science, agriculture and technology at UL. Students, academics and research are encouraged to attend the research day to help advance research in science, technology and agriculture.