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Wirsam Scientific supplies a broad product range for equipping pathological-histological laboratories. These products are used for the sample preparation of microscopic sample material.

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MTP Robust carousel tissue processor

The MTP carousel tissue processor guarantees gentle and highly reliable specimen...
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MTM Vacuum tissue processor

The SLEE vacuum tissue processor family MTM combines state of the art technology...
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MPS/P1 Embedding Center

The space-saving MPS/P1 is a complete paraffin dispensing unit including a 3.8 l...
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MPS/P2 Modular paraffin embedding center for high turnover

The MPS/P2 features ease of operation, spacious working area, large containe...
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Dispensing module MPS/P

The dispensing module MPS/P includes an integrated illumination of the working a...
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CUT 4062 The manual precision microtome

Standard unit for Paraffin sections and research-, plastic- and industrial appli...
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CUT 5062 Semi-automatic precision Microtome

The standard unit for paraffin sections and research-, plastic- and industrial a...
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CUT 6062 Fully automatic precision Microtome

CUT 6062 Fully automatic precision microtome The standard unit for paraffi...
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MNT Floorstanding High-end cryostat

The model MNT features convenient operation and a modern fully automatic rotary ...
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MEV Floorstanding ECO cryostat

The model MEV features convenient operation and a modern semi-automatic rotary m...
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slidetec WATER/HEAT

The SLEE floating bath and stretching table combination slidetec WATER/HEAT...
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MSM Robust carousel tissue stainer

The MSM carousel stainer is designed to meet the basic requirements for routine ...